Resisting the spending urge – use the Four Purchasing R’s

I was sitting on a stool in my local bike shop, waiting for a work order for tune ups to my wife’s and son’s bikes, when the conversation started: “What would you recommend for a new wheelset for mountain bike?” The mechanic’s eyes lit up as he started to talk about the latest carbon wheel […]

Beware the automatic payment

Scanning my email account I spotted it “Your Statement has been created”. I popped open the email and scanned, my eyes stopping at “Your credit card will be automatically charged”. The automatic, recurring payment. One of the big challenges to successfully tracking your money and staying on budget (whether in your life or business). Why? […]

How can I create a realistic budget? Part One – Unrealistic Budgets

Resistance to creating a budget and then following that budget is one of the biggest money blocks people experience, bringing up comments like: If I follow a budget there is no way I can have any fun Life changes too much, there is no point in creating a budget, it will just change Budgets never […]

How you can limit poor purchasing decisions in your business

You have made them. I have made them. Some may be a bit embarrassing. Some make you shake your head. A few you might have eventually found uses for. Eliminating bad business purchases completely probably isn’t going to happen (you are human right?) but learning a few steps to help limit these moments of bad […]

My video support network for working on my money

Working on your money situation can be challenging, especially when just starting to organize your money and accounts, build your budget, and get your money management system in place. One of the biggest tools I used when getting my money organized (and still use today) is watching and listening to some of the money TV […]