Pay Cash For Christmas 2015 – How to Start Saving Now

santaloan(You can read part one of this series here)

With Christmas 2014 behind us, it is time for me and my family (and hopefully you too if you decide to commit!) to start saving for Christmas 2015.

Are you ready to make a “Pay Cash for Christmas 2015” commitment?

How to make your Pay Cash For Christmas 2015 Commitment

Please, don’t panic, but this is going to require a bit of math, so if numbers are not your favourite, take a deep breath, stick with me, and follow these steps:

  1. Gather together your credit card and bank statements starting with the month where you made your first Christmas purchase (I made mine in October so I gathered my statements for October, November, and December)

  2. Get a piece of paper and pen, or open a spreadsheet or word document on your computer (I used an excel spreadsheet)

  3. Go through each bank and credit card statement and record all the money you spent related directly to the holidays (food, gas, coffees, presents, etc.)

  4. Add up all of those numbers, take a deep breath, and write down your total. This is how much you spent on Christmas in 2014 (my total was $3376.49)

  5. Divide this total by 12 (for me: $3376.49/12 = $282)

  6. This is the amount of money you need to save, every month starting in January, so you can pay cash for Christmas 2015 (my first $282 transfer has already been made!)

  7. Go to the comments below and make your commitment to save every month so that you can pay cash for Christmas 2015. I would love it if you included your monthly number, but if you are not comfortable sharing that information, just let everyone know that you are making this commitment.

I am ready to make my Pay Cash for Christmas 2015 Commitment, are you ready to make yours?

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