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My video support network for working on my money

gailshowWorking on your money situation can be challenging, especially when just starting to organize your money and accounts, build your budget, and get your money management system in place.

One of the biggest tools I used when getting my money organized (and still use today) is watching and listening to some of the money TV shows and podcasts to “get me in the mood”. Here is my list of (free) money helping programs I use:

Suze Orman Show: Every Monday morning, while making a morning smoothie, feeding my son breakfast, and getting lunches ready I listen to the Suze Orman Show podcast on Stitcher (it is on iTunes too).

Dave Ramsey Show: Each morning, for the rest of the week, during my morning routine I listen to Dave Ramsey on Stitcher (also on iTunes)

Till Debt do us part, Princess, Money Moron: All three of these shows follow a similar format and feature host Gail Vaz-Oxlade helping people get out of debt. Gail’s shows were one of my biggest supports six years ago when I started figuring all of this out. (Note: These links are for the Canadian sites and may or may not work if you are outside Canada. If they don’t work just search the names and you should find links that will work in your area)

If you need support in working on your money I would suggest checking out some of these resources. They are great to listen to while walking the dog, cleaning the house, driving, or filling any other “down time” you might have.

You can also get support with working on your money by joining the Secure Entrepreneur Ezine list right here:

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