The Secure Entrepreneur Ezine

After almost six years of building and running my business, while always paying myself monthly AND generating a profit I am excited to finally share this information with you!

The Secure Entrepreneur Ezine will be my way of sharing what I have learned with you, including how you can:

  • reframe your mindset and limiting beliefs around managing your money
  • build your business while minimizing the risks you need to take
  • create a personal and business budget based on the values that are most important to you
  • “smooth out” the monthly “income roller coaster” of entrepreneurial life
  • pay business expenses, pay yourself, save money, and build a profitable business
  • possibly, maybe, unbelievably get to a point where you enjoy tracking and controlling your money

And, yes, I truly believe that last statement is possible. Over the last seven years (this journey started before opening my business) I have gone from a bank account avoiding, don’t say the “b-word” Money-Scrambler to a bank account loving, budget tracking, smile on my face when I pay my bills and put money into savings Secure Entrepreneur.

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